F, is for fox



The fox.
A resourceful and playful problem solver with an agile mind. Not afraid to punch above his weight every so often.

I love a good grid, illustrating, em-dashes, people watching,  travel and fried chicken, well, because it’s fried chicken. I work across various project types, such as —but not limited to— advertising, marketing, editorial, branding and digital. After several years in the industry working for two major OOH advertisers, one of the leading communications technology providers and a cutting edge online financial trading platform, I decided to switch to freelancing full-time and do a bit of lecturing on the side.

I lectured for several years, allowing me to share my experience and send the lift back down for future generations. Mentoring and skill sharing has always been incredibly important to me, both for my own personal development and enjoyment, but to also build those up around me.

As a freelancer, I’ve landed projects for clients including Pan Macmillan, RADA and BP (in conjunction with one of my consultancy clients, QuayFive)  as well as several start-up companies. In my spare time, I do a lot of self initiated work. This is where I get to play, trying out both new and old techniques. Pushing myself creatively to work with new mediums and even bigger ideas. 



Proficient in Adobe’s Creative Suite:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop & Acrobat.
As well as MS Word, Powerpoint.

Working knowledge of html5, CSS, Photo retouching and manipulation, After Effects, basic video editing, Sketch and InVision.

Illustration, both digital and traditional media.

Printmaking, linocut & woodcut