F, is for fox

Two Piers

In the modern workplace employees often having to deal with confrontation, hierarchy and power dynamics, interpersonal conflict, challenges to authority and even unprofessional behaviour. Erica D’Eramo —the founder of Two Piers— takes pride in guiding and training her clients through these difficult professional and personal milestones with 1-to-1 training and workshops.

I worked closely with Erica to create a brand that captured not only what Two Piers offered as a service but what her clients were potentially feeling. Uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed can be terrifying. I looked at symbiotic partnerships in nature for potential solutions, after presenting a few options, we settled on the Egyptian Plover that acts as an early warning system for the crocodile as well as maintaining elements of it's health and well being. In return the croc gives the unwavering helper protection. The contrast between this bond was carried across to the colour palette and the typeface pairing. Her clients are predominantly woman, but Erica wanted to promote a sense of approachability and inclusiveness for all.